Welcome! Our mission is to help software developers' needs and expectations by providing information, presentations and other events to enhance productivity and enjoyment of Microsoft Technologies. We are a member of INETA - the International .NET Association.  Acting Director - Bob Ohlheiser. Acting Board Members - S.B. Chatterjee, Bernardo Casano.


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May Monthly Meeting Canceled:



Due to scheduling conflilcts, the May monthly meeting scheduled for May 19th is canceled. Monthly meetings will resume in September. Have a great summer!


We wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to ADNET Technologies for generously opening their facility to CTDOTNET for our monthly meetings this year. Thanks to Margaret, Andrew, and all the ADNET folks who contributed in support of CTDOTNET.



Code Camp Update:


We have traditionally held the Hartford Area Code Camp around this time of the year. We were unable to do so this year due to a lack of suitable venue. The current plan is to postpone until early fall of this year.


For the past seven years, we have held annual code camps at the New Horizons training facility in Bloomfield. We are extremely grateful to New Horizons for providing their excellent facility as the code camp venue. Since last our code camp last May, New Horizons had reconfigured their training facilities and it is no longer suitable for our purposes.


We have found ourselves 'venue challenged' this year. First, a replacement venue for monthly meetings needed to be found after Microsoft closed their Farmington facility. Second, finding a location to hold this year’s code camp. We actively searched for a new location this winter and spring, but have yet to find a suitable venue. The search continues and we hope to be able to hold the code camp in the fall.  



Follow the link below to for the presentation materials for John Zablocki's April 21st big data presentation.


John Zablocki - April 21st - Presentation Materials

Follow the link below to Josh's website where you will find the materials from his January 20th presentation including information on the BizSpark promotion. Thanks to Josh for his presentation this month.


Josh Drew - January 20th - Presentation Materials